3 things to know before booking a cosmetic procedure in Mexico

Thinking of having cosmetic surgery in Mexico? Your’e in good company. Medical tourism is a booming sector of the travel industry, estimated at nearly $500 billion annually and expected to grow 25 percent a year for the next decade.

And with good reason. Compared to the U.S., a cosmetic procedure overseas can save you thousands of dollars, even with airfare and accommodations factored in. Given that these programs are often situated in high-demand tourist locations Mivera, for example, has three sites in stunning coastal Mexico—you’re essentially getting deeply-discounted medical care with a luxury vacation thrown in.

A no-brainer right? Not necessarily. If the idea of medical tourism sets off some too-good-to-be-true alarm bells, you’d be wise to listen.

Yes, you’ll save money. But no, not all companies that facilitate these medical excursions are created equal. Before you choose one, ask yourself these three crucial questions:

1. Am I hiring a reputable company that vouches for its medical professionals and holds itself accountable for the care they provide?
It’s important to understand that medical care in Mexico is structured differently than in the States. Doctors simply rent out space from hospitals, which do not impose upon them a common set of best-practice standards. Two doctors performing the same procedure might in fact be following very different guidelines, using different tools and techniques.

It’s vital, therefore, that you do your due diligence. What is the relationship between your medical facilitator and its medical personnel? Are they just a “middleman” who makes arrangements, essentially a glorified travel agent? Or do they, like Mivera, guarantee that all their doctors follow a standard set of medical best practices?

2. What if something goes wrong after I return to the States? Am I left to fend for myself?
Hopefully, you’ll recover smoothly from your procedure. But if complications do arise, you might have big problems. Not all doctors in Mexico have malpractice insurance. You might end up working through the legal system on your own—here, or even worse, in Mexico. A nightmarish prospect.

But the best medical tourism companies, companies like Mivera, remain involved with and committed to your care even after you return home. They assume full legal and contractual responsibility for your healthy recovery, handling any necessary follow-up treatment or revision at no expense to you. It’s peace of mind you can’t put a price on.

3. Going abroad for medical care is a hugely complex undertaking. Can I trust this company to expertly manage not just the procedure itself but all the moving parts—pre-op testing, travel, lodging, follow-up care and the like?

Of course, your No. 1 priority as a medical tourist is getting quality care that leaves you healthy, looking good and feeling great.

But it doesn’t end there. You’ll need pre-op testing, probably in the states. You want impeccable arrangements in place for your lodging and travel—particularly your return trip, when you might still be feeling the lingering effects of your recent procedure.

The best facilitators make the process seamless and absolutely effortless. Mivera, for example, assigns you a personal concierge to accompany you to all medical appointments, a friendly face to answer questions and assist whenever you need it. Our concierges are all English and Spanish speakers, intimately familiar with the region and plugged into the local scene. Need help booking a massage, choosing a restaurant or scheduling a tour? Just ask. Your concierge can make it happen.

There’s also a call center to answer any question—medical or otherwise, day or night—from the minute you arrive to the minute you depart.